About SISO

Our Organization

Southern Idaho Sailing Outreach was incorporated in the state of Idaho in October, 2017. Our mission, pure and simple, is to promote sailing in southern Idaho. We emphasize youth education, safety, and accessibility of this great sport to all.

Our History:The Southern Idaho Sailing Association – recognized the need for better sailing opportunities in southern Idaho, especially at Lucky Peak State Park near Boise. A few initial meetings culminated in the formation of our organization – Southern Idaho Sailing Outreach – and the development of our vision and mission. We elected a Board of Directors and developed a business plan and Articles of Incorporation. We were incorporated in the State of Idaho in late 2017, and are currently awaiting final 501 (c) (3) determination from the IRS.

Our next step was to begin fund raising to complete the various components of our mission. Our first action was submission of a grant request to Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, through their Waterways Improvement Fund, to improve the infrastructure at Lucky Peak’s Spring Shores Marina for small non-motorized water craft. The grant application was successful, and in November, 2017, twenty-seven low profile docks were purchased. These docks were installed in spring of 2018. Another grant application for Phase 2 of the dock system was completed and submitted for the 2018 budget cycle. The second grant was also successful and the second phase of the docks will be installed in spring of 2019, completing the infrastructure necessary for sailing instruction. To date we have raised more than $120,000 in grants and matching funds for the dock improvement project.

With the dock infrastructure project well underway, our next focus is recruitment of certified sailing instructors, and purchase of a fleet of sailboats to be used for sailing classes. We are currently working with the City of Boise Department of Parks and Recreation for hiring and certification of sailing instructors. We are also beginning a fund raising campaign to secure the support needed to purchase the fleet of sailboats.

Howard King Co-Chair
Peter Palmer Co-Chair/Treasurer
Steve Christiansen
Eric Davis
Tina Klamt
JT More

Advisory Members:
Surat Nicol, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation
Marie Hattaway, Boise City Parks and Recreation
Clay Lee, Boise City Parks and Recreation

For more information, please contact us at info@sailingoutreach.org.