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New Docks for Small Boats at Lucky Peak State Park

We installed 51 new low-profile docks near the Spring Shores Marina at Lucky Peak over the course of 2018-2019. These docks are specifically designed for small non-motorized boats, making it easier for novice sailors to enter and exit the water without the stress and hazards of avoiding larger motorboats. Two grants totaling $120,000 from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Waterways Improvement Fund made it possible to install these docks. Our appreciation to Ada County Waterways for partnering on this grant process!  

The Clubhouse

We are currently renting a storage container for storing and securing our small fleet of RS Zests, along with masts, sails, life jackets, and other associated equipment. Expansion of our fleet will require additional storage facilities.


We are currently partnering with Redline at Spring Shores Marina for indoor classroom space. As our class offerings increase, we hope to include a sailing learning center as part of our improvements at Spring Shores.


Expand the Teaching Fleet

Our existing fleet of 10 teaching sailboats – the RS Zest – came about through corporate and private donations and small loans.  Along with these instructional sailboats, we purchased one used safety/teaching boat and received an additional safety/teaching boat through a private donation. 

Southern Idaho Sailing Outreach launching sailing program for children

The way James T. “J.T.” More remembers it, the idea for a youths’ sailing summer camp had its nexus early one morning a couple of years ago.

“At Lucky Peak the winds come up right at the beginning of the morning, at dawn,” More said. He and about six or seven others were out sailing, an activity “you can get addicted to,” he said. “We thought, ‘How come more people aren’t out here — and where are all the kids?’”