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SISO’s success is made possible through the generosity of corporate
sponsors, major donors, contributors, and community partners.
Thank you!

Our Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Individual Contributors

Jim Acee
Dave Arellano
Dick and Becci Armstrong
Tom and Leslie Arnold
Terry and Jane Baird
Michael Ballantyne
Mike Ballenger
Ann and Eric Beck
Susie Bellini and Darrell Harrington
Steve Benner and Kate Fahey
Boise Sunshine Rotary Foundation
John Burke and Sherry Swearngin
Steve and Darla Christiansen
Dennis Cleary
Dennis Cleary,
in Memory of Mike Cleary
William P. Cody
Paul Collins MD Orthopaedic Health Care
Tom and Laurie Corrick
Mike and Becky Cowan
Jay Craig, Capitol Landscape
Alan and Alice Crockett Fund
Mike Daly
Eric and Nancy Davis
Ken DeAngelo
Nancy DeMauro
Doris Denney
Chris Eaton
Estate of Symon Elzinga
Rene Emch
Brent English
Bob and Pat Entwistle
Charles R. Gains
Kate and Tyler Gehrs
Lisle George
Lew Goldman
Bob and Dottie Greenwood
Jeff Harker
Marie Hattaway
Rob Haynes
Mark and Kaye Heazle
Marty Hiner
Gail Hofert
Lynette Hoy
Brett and Kay Hunt
Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation
Richard Johnson
Sue Jurf - Virtual Associates
Sue Jurf and JT More,
in Honor of Gertrude Belvedere
David L. Kemper
Steve and Marianne King
Tina Klamt
Dave Lawrence
Louis and Laramie Leraistre
John and Patti Lough
Riley and Stephanie Mahaffey
Chris and Kerry Marshall
Martin and Park Commercial Appraisals
Jim Monroe
Jim Monroe,
in Honor of Don Murphy
Steven W. and Carrie M. Moore
James T. More Appraisals LLC
JT More and Sue Jurf
Gavin Morrison, McEachern Morrison Foundation
Surat Nicol
Greg and Kim O'Sullivan
Marty Otoole
Betty Palmer
Emma Palmer
Jill Palmer
Max Palmer
Peter Palmer
Jess Payne Appraisal Service
Jess and Linda Payne
Ross Park
Timothy and Karen Parsons
Sarah Pedersen
Linda Perez and Roger Malinowski
Brian Pollard
Jim Preuss
Kristi Purdy
Kent Reetz and Jennifer Merchant
Nancy and Fred Ringenburg
Jason Robinson
Joel Robinson
Jason Russell
Keith and Lynn Sander
Rudy Santos and Linda Clark-Santos
Katie Scanlan
Joseph Schueler and Nicole Hanson
Eric Schulman
Vince and Catherine Serio
Steve and Susan Simmons
Chris and Jo Sours
Margaret Spector
Lynn Stott, Stott Designs
Harald Streif Family
Martin Sutton, Kustoms Unlimited
Nancy Taylor and Doug Houston
Nate and Deanna Turner
Tom Valasek
Charlie and Rebecca Visser
Jamie and Laurie Wanke
Jon and Margie Watson
Robert L. and Phyllis M. Watson
Rico E. Weber
Cydney Weiland and Robert Smith
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
William and Catie Wardwell
Marc Welt
Arelene and H.W. Wihr
Beverly J. Williams
David and Debra Wyler

Strategic Partners